Comment at "Drunk Stoned Perverted Dead"

Comment at "Drunk Stoned Perverted Dead"

“….Earplugs…. Silence.. Natural Ends….?


….Grisez cites the use of earplugs; “walking on one’s hands [which] interferes at least temporarily with their proper function”; “smoking [in which] we use the respiratory system in a way which does frustrate its proper function to a considerable extent”; “hanging rings in one’s ears or nose, [which] by stretching them out of shape, may lessen their effectiveness”; “ingest[ing] some food and drink by mouth for satisfaction although for medical reasons the stomach constantly is pumped so that nothing is digested”; and “lactation” in which “there is excess milk and it is pumped out of the breasts and thrown away” even when the infant is fed artificially during such times (1964, pp. 28–30). Other alleged examples sometimes given by critics are shaving, chewing gum, using antiperspirant, and even damming rivers. Such examples are often presented as obviously devastating, when in fact they have no force whatsoever against the argument when it is properly understood. Here it is important to keep four points in mind….. End quote. (…from “In Defense of the Perverted Faculty Argument”…).

Those four points are then applied. Another feature to recall is the metaphysic of privation as per http://disq.us/p/1jp6my0 which subsumes not “this or that part” but in fact the entire topography of our own reality.


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